We follow UKADance syllabi for all disciplines. Pupils have the opportunity to sit regular dance exams to demonstrate attainment. We also offer in-house theory exams, a bespoke programme that aims to develop the skills needed to become a successful dance teacher from a young age.

Graded Dance Exams in Ballet, Tap and Jazz

Graded dance exams allow students to work steadily towards higher level qualifications. The UKADance graded syllabus can be assessed locally or, for older pupils, exams can be taken at bespoke examination centres allowing their progress to be accredited on UCAS applications. These exams focus on the underpinning core techniques of each dance genre. They begin with the United syllabus, progressing through preliminary levels to the amateur (Grades 1-8) and finally professional and major exams.

Dance exams

Dance medal tests examine a very different skill set. Whilst there is still a need to demonstrate strong core dance skills, dancers perform short routines allowing them to demonstrate their fluidity of movement, performance skills and musicality. Dancers present dances rather than a series of short exercises as they would for the graded exams. These begin with the princess & pirate awards, progressing through introductory levels to bronze, silver, gold and celebratory awards as the dances become more complex. These exams complement but do not replace the graded examinations.

Highland and National Exams

Highland and National are assessed through a series of awards demonstrating key technical moves at the early levels and up to full demonstration of the steps of the 4 Highland dances as well as Scottish National and character dances. UKADance is a recognised examining body of the Royal Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing. These are available as introductory levels, progressing to bronze, silver, gold and beyond as the dancers become more experienced.

Performers awards

Performers awards assess the very important skill of the dancer being able to perform in front of a live audience and are adjudicated in any dance style, allowing pupils to gain accreditation in many different performance genres across the years.

Choreography awards

Senior pupils can also attain recognised credit for their efforts in writing their own dances. Choreography awards can be undertaken in any discipline and give full creative freedom to the candidate.

Professional dance training

We offer training to the next generation of dance teachers and take pride in offering this opportunity to senior pupils. We would love to hear from anyone with a strong background who is interested in our teacher training opportunities.