Ballet increases strength and flexibility. We teach ballet following the UKADance syllabus. Pupils are trained in core ballet technique through the use of barre and centre exercises and in ballet performance through the development of classical, national and character dances. As with all of the dance genres that we teach, senior pupils can train to become teachers and/or work to attain choreography awards.


Tap dancing is also taught following the UKADance syllabus and trains the dancer in flexibility, musicality and the complexities of rhythm. Pupils can enjoy tap from ages 5 and up through a combination of key technical training and a range of dances. Great fun for all


The technical jazz dance taught at DSA develops the core technique needed for a range of dance styles from contemporary to street dance and musical theatre. Jazz is a fantastic way to develop strength and flexibility as well as an ability to dance to a wide range of musical styles and rhythms.

Highland and National

Highland and National are traditional solo Scottish Dance forms that require strength stamina and a high degree of technical training. Great fun and a lovely link with the history of Scotland.